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About Us

About us

Here at the Raw Emporium we are passionate about raw feeding. As responsible dog owners ourselves we have been feeding a raw diet to our own pets for many years and the results have been fantastic. As a result of this, we are keen to spread the word and help introduce and promote the benefits of raw feeding to as many customers as possible.

All our staff are experienced dog owners and are fully trained to offer you any advice you wish to help move your pet over to raw. Feel free to come along to the store or call to discuss.

The Benefits of a Raw Food Diet

Raw food diets, often referred to as B.A.R.F. diets (Biologically Appropriate Raw Food) are diets which imitate what would be eaten in the wild and normally comprise raw meat, bone, offal and vegetables.

Here at the Raw Emporium we offer a wide selection of raw food options from all the industry leading producers. Therefore, we only supply approved balanced solutions for your pets.


  • Glossy coats with zero or little odour
  • Working dogs with improved energy and vitality.
  • More energy in the field/at work
  • Cleaner teeth and fresher breath.
  • Supports a strong immune system.
  • Reduces allergies.
  • Reduces itching and licking.
  • Supports healthy joints and reduces inflammation.
  • Supports strong healthy muscles.
  • Stools are odourless or much reduced in smell.
  • Supports optimum internal organ function.
  • Reduces anal gland issues.
  • Less wind!